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8 regionally restricted German websites unblocked!

Unblock German Websites

Another beautiful day in our big family! Our SmartyDNS team is grateful for every single experience we get and for every relationship we build with our customers. That is why we manage to make this experience even better for both sides. We are pleased to announce that we have added another country to our list for you! You can now access 8 regionally restricted German media websites, including Zattoo, which is one of the biggest media websites in Germany and also has a plenty of TV channels to offer.

Check out our list of new unblocked German media websites:

  1. zattoo.com
  2. maxdome.de
  3. zdf.de
  4. alleskino.de
  5. ard.de
  6. arte.tv
  7. rtl-now.rtl.de
  8. nightclub.de

We are always ready to hear what could make our service better! If you still don’t see your German media website in our list, you are always welcome to suggest one. Don’t hesitate to run it by us!

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