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We updated the SmartyDNS Android App!

Smart DNS Android App

Our constant efforts for better Smart DNS and VPN services lead us to a series of massive improvements that were necessary for our Android VPN App. We therefore decided to work hard with our technical team on updating the SmartyDNS Android App and we released several updates within the past couple of months.

Because it is important for you to know that we are working hard to provide you with the best VPN services money can buy, we put together a list of all the things we changed so that you can have a better experience with us!

Smart DNS related updates

Here are a couple of the most important Smart DNS improvements we did these last couple of months.

Smart DNS over VPN

We will spare you the complicated and boring details about the magic that has been done in the SmartyDNS Android App backend by our programmers for this feature. The most important thing is that thanks to the changes we made, the Smart DNS is now available on mobile data within the app. You no longer need a Wifi connection to enjoy this service. On top of this, the app’s speed has been dramatically improved.

“Sort by speed” option for DNS servers

Thanks to this feature, you can now make sure that you are always using the fastest DNS server when enabling Smart DNS. The app checks which server is the quickest one for you, sorts the servers by speed and the best one is automatically selected as default.

Smart DNS connection screen – redesigned for you

We gathered feedback from our valued customers and implemented a new design for the Smart DNS connection screen in the SmartyDNS Android App according to your needs. The new design is more user friendly, looks better and makes the navigation smoother.

VPN related updates

And here are a couple of the most important VPN improvements we did for our Android app.

OpenVPN update

The latest OpenVPN protocol version 2.4.2 is now implemented in the SmartyDNS Android App. Because we want to offer you the highest level of security when using our services, we updated the OpenVPN protocol and we are proud to announce that the version we are now using has been audited by OSTIF (Open Source Technology Improvement Fund) and it was revealed that the small security vulnerabilities from previous versions have been fixed.

VPN Servers can be sorted according speed

We know how important it is for you to always make sure you get the most out of your internet connection and that is why you can now select the quickest server available in your location from the SmartyDNS Android App

“Group by country” option now available when sorting VPNs by speed

This feature has been developed for those of you who need to connect to a server located in a certain country, but still care about the internet speed. You can now basically make sure you always select the quickest server located in the country you want to connect from. As an example, if you need to use the VPN for USA, the quickest USA server will appear on top of the USA servers list.

The SmartyDNS Android App is quicker and more reliable

Without getting too much into boring technical details, we are proud to inform you that our app is now better, faster and more stable thanks to a series of tweaks made by our technical team in the SmartyDNS Android App’s backend

We certainly hope you enjoy using the new and massively improved version of our Android app. Since we always want to make sure you have all the right tools for smooth, safe and anonymous internet surfing, we will surely be back with news about even more updates for our apps! Until then, happy surfing!

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