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Updates on macOS and Windows Apps

SmartyDNS VPN App

In the fast-paced online world, the only constant is change. Having that said, we always try to create the best experiences for our users. By adding new and improved features to our Windows and macOS VPN apps, we give users the ability to benefit from these new functionalities every time they use our VPN and Smart DNS services.

Many of these updates are expanding on the current features and will vastly enhance the existing competences of the apps.

Here is an overview of the latest improvements:

New macOS and Windows App Updates

  1. The “Sort servers by speed” feature was added allowing both Windows and macOS users to choose the fastest server. This way, users have the opportunity to easily find the best option when it comes to speed.
  2. Users can also “group servers by country when sorting by speed”. This means that you will be able to find the fastest servers associated to certain countries.
  3. User security is our primary concern and, as a security measure, we eliminated the probability of an IPv6 leak, by disabling the IPv6 on VPN connect and Smart DNS enable. This measure secures both Windows and macOS users.
  4. The “Save logs” option on the ‘sign in’ screen was added allowing users to save their logs before signing into the app. This feature is helpful in case the app encounters an error and the support team needs to investigate the issue further.
  5. Also, to avoid connection difficulties, macOS and Windows users can benefit from the improved “Reconnect if VPN connection is dropped” feature. This is a very important resource if you experience problems when reconnecting to the app. Instead of only one attempt to reconnect, now there are 3 attempts. This will notably reduce the possibility of a failed VPN connection.
  6. We’ve also fixed the “wrong order” bug when sorting servers by speed for Windows.
  7. Other Graphical User Interface improvements were made for an enhanced user experience.
  8. Other minor functionality bug fixes.

We realize the importance of a good user experience and this is why we always strive to offer the best and most secure solutions. These updates will allow users to smoothly navigate the internet without experiencing any disruptions or inconveniences.

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