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We updated our Smart DNS Software!

Smart DNS Software

SmartyDNS is working hard to make the service better and keep it’s customers happy.

To help you finding our service more useful and to offer you a better user experience, we’re announcing a new update of the SmartyDNS Software. We’ve added two new features: “News notifications” and “Websites region” and fixed some bugs.

With “News notifications” feature you will not have to visit our blog looking for what’s new anymore. From now you will be notified about most important news and updates directly in the software. This way you may be sure you will not miss any important update or promotion.

The “Websites region” feature will allow you to switch between the US and UK Netflix versions and also will help you in the future to change other application’s/website’s regions.

We hope you enjoy SmartyDNS software even more than before!

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