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SmartyDNS Software v2.0 was launched

Smart DNS Software

Our customers are always at the center of everything we do here – at SmartyDNS. If there is a team that works tirelessly to provide the high level of Smart DNS service to its customers, then it is us. As we don’t promise, but always surprise our valued friends, here is the new software we worked out for you! Being in a tide contact with you we had a chance to better know you and your Smart DNS service experience. There were different types of situations which made you ask questions about the service and find solutions for your problems. Now, with our new Smart DNS software for Windows these questions are gone.

The new interface is completely redesigned which makes the software simpler, more intuitive and nicer. The new notification system will allow our customers to always be up to date with the latest changes of the software. In addition, the package expiry notifications will help the clients to never miss their due date and service interruption. Our new update module will make your life much easier with updating.

We will continue making more efforts and progress to improve the service based on your needs and desires!

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