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SmartyDNS unblocks Channel 4 group

Unblock Channel 4

SmartyDNS comes with a PUMPKIN SURPRISE. This time SmartyDNS added another great popular media website to its unblocked sites list – Channel 4! This one is an entire “Channel 4” channel group site. From now on, each recipient of SmartyDNS service will have limitless access to six channels: Channel 4, E4, More4, Film4, 4MUSIC and 4oD.

For music lovers and those who are switched on the latest musical trends, you have a BONUS! You now have 4MUSIC from Channel 4, which includes another 7 music channels: 4music, Heat, Box. Smashhits, Kiss, Magic and Kerrang! To access these channels do not forget to change the Timezone in your device. Just switch it to London time and watch whatever you want as long as you want.

Let fall bring you the finest events and celebrate them with SmartyDNS!

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