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4 US and 8 German new media websites unblocked!

4 US and 8 German new media websites unblocked!

After an intensive and great partying time within the holiday season, we are finally back to work. Always trying to do our best on getting even more regionally restricted media websites unblocked. We are excited to announce that we unblocked quite few more media websites and have added them to our unblocked websites list. This time we focused on unblocking US restricted media websites and some more German restricted media websites.

We have added 4 media websites from US that you can’t access while being out of the States, and another 8 German media websites that are blocked out of Germany. You should be able to find your favorite media websites from your wishlist among them: from kids entertaining content such as nickjr.com up to giant broadcasting media websites like Timewarnercable where you can watch your favorite shows.

For the German media fans take a look and enjoy, we unblocked more of ZDF family media websites. So the sports devoureour can access zdfsport.de for their favorite games and matches. Or, watch the latest news on ZDF heute.

Feel free to check our list of newly unblocked websites:


  1. pluto.tv
  2. nickjr.com
  3. epixhd.com


  1. tivi.de
  2. zdfsport.de
  3. heute.de
  4. zdfinfo.de
  5. zdfkultur.de
  6. zdfneo.de
  7. phoenix.de
  8. kika.de
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