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Unblock Canadian Websites

We continue “flooding” our news feed! Everything we can only do is make our customers happy!

Our record gets bigger and richer! Besides the media websites that we already unblocked, we have also worked on something new you’ve requested from us. Question to you! Did you want to unblock websites from Canada? We think the answer is “yes”! Media websites from countries like UK, USA, Germany and Poland are available to you via our service and we thought why not completing the “family” with another region, another country. We’ve added Canada! Now Canadian media websites that are regionally blocked, are just one click away.

Want to unblock websites from Canada?

Slice.ca – Whether you want to entertain yourself or read lots of useful articles about fashion or any other facts, you can find it all on slice.ca. You can meet the best 7 NYC personal fitness trainers, follow their lives and get inside the sexy and exclusive world of elite fitness training in New Your City, or read about 10 Pieces You Need to Build the Ultimate Winter Wardrobe. All that on this popular Canadian media website.

Watch.sportsnet.ca also took place in our list. Being one of the best Canadian sport media websites, you will never miss a moment of your favorite sports or Sportsnet shows.

Showcase.ca – We also worked on unblocking showcase.ca, which you guys asked us to get access to. So we did. Here is the Showcase – a Canadian English language Category A specialty channel owned by Shaw Media. Showcase has an interesting lineup changing from year to year, along with foreign series and independent films. It’s known for carrying lots of TV series from American cable channels such as TNT and Syfy.

CBC.ca – Good to mention that cbc.ca is also unblocked. Many of you may know that cbc.ca is the English-language online service of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Cbc.ca is one of Canada’s most visited websites and it will probably bloom even more. It contains over one million pages of information.

MTV.ca – How could we forget about our music lovers? MTV is one of the most watched music channels in the world. Canadian MTV is blocked outside the Canada, but thanks to Smart DNS service you can access it right from where you are now. Enjoy both, Canadian and international music content, as it has no language, it needs just to be played.

Ici.tou.tv – Our dear French-speaking users, we unblocked ici.tou.tv for you! Unblock and watch the ici.tou.tv and see what’s new there.

We always remember to update our existing unblocked media websites list. So we did now. We also have unblocked 3 US, 2 UK, 2 Polish and 1 German restricted media website. Feel free to check them in our list below.


  1. Fandor.com
  2. Popcornflix.com
  3. Milk.samsung.com


  1. Eurosportplayer.com
  2. UKtvplay.uktv.co.uk


  1. Daserste.de


  1. Playpuls.pl
  2. NCplusgo.pl

We hope you liked the news and also dare you to suggest us what new would you expect to see and get from us.

Be safe where you are and watch your favorite content with no limits.

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