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4 new websites and 6 applications unblocked!

New unblocked sites

SmartyDNS is actually a team of very diligent people. Yes, we are! :) We work industriously to make our service fitting our customer’s needs and simply make it better and better. This time we unblocked another 4 media websites and 6 applications. According to all your suggestions received via emails and our live chat, we bring 4 more media websites and 6 applications at your disposal so you could enjoy and find Smart DNS service more useful for yourself.

If you missed them, here are the websites that we have added: Viki, Oprah, ONDemandKOREA, AETV for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. Also Smithsonian Channel, History, PBS video, PBS Kids, Yahoo Screens applications for AppleTV. In addition we have unblocked the Vidzone application for PS3.

The list of our unblocked websites was also updated. Don’t hesitate to take a look into it!

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