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Unblock Bloodline with Smart DNS

Bloodline is another one of Netflix’s own children, the whole first season premiered on the same date. Every single episode was released on March 20th and you can unblock Bloodline with Smart DNS. The first season received some glowing reviews, some outlets even call it the best Netflix original series to date and considering the wide portfolio that Netflix has now that is quite impressive. Bloodline was renewed for a second season on March 31st so the series must be doing something right.
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Unblock House of Cards with Smart DNS

House of Cards is an addition to Netflix’s long line of fantastic original programming as the service looks to not just rely on other networks to allow them to stream their shows but to have a solid backup plan should that go bellies up. I am very surprised at how far Netflix has branched out from their role as just a streaming service, it is quite admirable. House of Cards not entirely a new concept as it is fact based on the BBC miniseries of the same name which focuses on UK politics after Margaret Thatcher. Continue reading “Unblock House of Cards with Smart DNS”

We support Smart DNS on Xbox One

We’ve discovered another smart way of blooming our relationship with you, valued customers! Well, the fact that working a lot on improving our service is not a new thing. Neither is the fact that it brought us to the point of being able to bring you more and more space on Smart DNS service that you use. So let see what news we’ve got for you! We have added one more device to our list of supported devices and all SmartyDNS users will be able to access regional restricted media websites from it! We are so exited to bring you Smart DNS on Xbox One!
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Unblock Vikings (TV series) with Smart DNS

Vikings started only a couple of years ago on the channel HISTORY and has since really caught on and has quite the dedicated fan base. It is worth nothing that even though the programme airs on HISTORY there are of course liberties taken in historical accuracies for the benefit of the programme (whether you think it is a benefit or not is up to you though of course). Though due to the continued success of the programme, I can probably safely assume the inaccuracies aren’t all that much of a problem to the majority of people. Still for those that love Vikings and love drama there probably isn’t a better series for you than Vikings.
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Unblock Setanta Sports Plus with Smart DNS

Smarty DNS has a perfect opportunity to show its customers how valuable they are! We have surprises for all entertainment lovers! This time we’ve got great news for all sports fans!

The great international sports broadcaster Setanta Sports is now in our list of unblocked websites. You can now access it and enjoy all about you favorite sport. Continue reading “Unblock Setanta Sports Plus with Smart DNS”

Unblock TVCatchup with Smart DNS!

If you are one of those who thought will never get access to TVCatchup while being outside of UK, then we have good news for you! The internet television service that operates as a cable service and re-transmits your favorite channels such as BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 amongst others only in the UK, is now available through our Smart DNS service. Continue reading “Unblock TVCatchup with Smart DNS!”

Watch Game of Thrones with Smart DNS

Season five of Game of Thrones kicked off on brand new on demand service HBO NOW (which we have unblocked already!) and it looks to be more bloody than ever with how season four left us hanging. I don’t want to spoil anything if you are still waiting to catch up or still in fact waiting to start but I can guarantee it is more than worth catching up to season five because the ride is one of the most fantastic TV has ever seen. My other half convinced me to watch it after I was skeptical due to the first episode I watched not really clicking with me. But after a while I really started to enjoy it and it became something I really looked forward to watching throughout the day. I’m not really one for the high fantasy themes and though Game of Thrones hasn’t changed my mind on the matter the rest of it is good enough to keep me watching.
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Unblock HBO Now with Smart DNS

Today is quite a big day in the on demand streaming calendar as HBO NOW, HBO’s new on demand streaming service launched. Perfectly timed in fact as the fifth season of the smash hit Game of Thrones is set to make its premier in just 4 days’ time, which I am sure will entice quite a few to sign up just to watch what has become the most popular thing on television. Even with the likes of Breaking Bad the fandom never seemed to reach as far as that of Game of Thrones.
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We now support Amazon Fire TV

Good news for our precious customers! We now support a new device that was so much requested by you! Now you don’t have to worry about not being able to access your favorite media through Amazon Fire TV from anywhere you are! Amazon Fire TV is now supported by us and that means that the easiest way to enjoy your favorite movies, shows, music and many more stays with you no matter where you go.
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Unblock Food Network with Smart DNS

The Food Network as you may be able to guess from the name is a channel that is dedicated to programming about food in all its various forms and varieties. Food Network was founded back in 1993 (dubbed TV Food Network back then until 1996) in New York City and has had quite a tumultuous history, with many ups and downs. 1997 showed for the first time that the channel had the legs to become something rather big as Erica Gruen was hired to be CEO of the company (becoming only the second woman in history to be a CEO of a US TV network) and helped pushed the Food Network as it started to become a staple of US television.
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Unblock Disney with Smart DNS

The Walt Disney Company or of course just Disney is one of the most recognized brands on earth. With the likes of Mickey Mouse and all of their various fairy tale story films that have accompanied many generations and continue to do so these days (though in a completely different tack). Of course there are some rather insidious things that lie within Disney but to the majority of people it is a factory of dreams. Pushing out one critically and fan adored brand behemoths after the other, I am not sure there is any other company in the world that can push anything out into the populous and have it adorned by so many (other than probably Apple but that is a completely different kettle of fish).
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Unblock PBS with Smart DNS

PBS or the Public Broadcasting Service is a non-profit public broadcaster that launched 44 years ago on October 5th 1970. When compared to some of the other popular TV stations is not old at all (the majority being around at least 30 years older than that). PBS is available just in the United States and the service is stationed in Virginia.
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Unblock STV with Smart DNS

STV is the Scottish variant of ITV for those that live north of the border. It launched all the way back in 2006 as a replacement to the previous available Grampian Television (this is now STV North) and Scottish Television (STV Central). STV has expanded a little more in the past couple of years. On the 2nd of June of last year they launched the first of two local STV Channels with STV Glasgow and just last week on the 12th STV Edinburgh was launched. Now the residents of these two cities have their own tailored STV channels. Continue reading “Unblock STV with Smart DNS”

Unblock Rdio with Smart DNS

Rdio was opened all the way back on August 3rd 2010 and is a similar service to that of Spotify. Rdio is a music service that offers free music streaming but is supported by advertisements, though as with Spotify there is a premium service available that eliminates the adverts leaving you with just the music you want to listen to. The music streaming service was created by the Skype founders Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis.
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Unblock MTV UK with Smart DNS

MTV is quite the international entertainment staple nowadays, though back in the 90’s MTV was truly in its prime very much influencing youth culture with its original programming, maybe less so in the UK but it still had an impact. MTV UK was launched on the 1st of July in 1997 and its purpose was to provide the people of the UK with more local artists and generally more relevant music content. Continue reading “Unblock MTV UK with Smart DNS”

Unblock NBC and NBC Sports with Smart DNS

NBC is another one of the American broadcasting giants and is the oldest one in the whole country being formed all the way back in 1926. It operates out of New York City and houses major additional offices in both Los Angeles and Chicago. In 1939 NBC broadcast their first TV programme and it was seen by around 1000 people in a 65km radius from its Empire State Building transmitter.
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Unblock CBS with Smart DNS

Columbia Broadcasting System or CBS as it is more commonly known is the second largest in the world. CBS was founded all the way back in 1927 under the name United Independent Broadcasters though at this time they were just a radio broadcaster. At this time the network desperately need investors so along came Columbia Records to save the day as they invested money to keep the company going though it was renamed to Columbia Phonographic Broadcasting System.
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8 regionally restricted German websites unblocked!

Another beautiful day in our big family! Our SmartyDNS team is grateful for every single experience we get and for every relationship we build with our customers. That is why we manage to make this experience even better for both sides. We are pleased to announce that we have added another country to our list for you! You can now access 8 regionally restricted German media websites, including Zattoo, which is one of the biggest media websites in Germany and also has a plenty of TV channels to offer.
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Unblock ABC, ABC Family and ABC News with Smart DNS

ABC is one of the biggest American TV networks around, formed all the way back on April 19th 1948, making it the fifth oldest major broadcasting network and it has only risen in popularity as the years have gone on. They weren’t always a TV network though; they first started out as a radio station dubbed ABC Radio but sold off their station to Citadel Broadcasting in 2007. After buying 80% of ESPN ABC merged with the publishing and broadcasting group Capital Cities Communications but then 16 years later ABC and Capital Cities were purchased by The Walt Disney Company. As 2010 rolled by though, ABC had started to decline in viewership numbers with various once popular shows being cancelled, like Lost and Ugly Betty.
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Unblock Channel 5 with Smart DNS

Channel 5 has been around in the UK since the 30th March 1997 and was the fifth and final terrestrial TV channel (after BBC1, 2, ITV and Channel 4) and as such has seen Channel 5 as the fifth most channel when comparing audience share. Channel 5 was rebranded between the years 2002 – 2011 to just Five, when it was owned by the RTL Group, it was then bought by a Richard Desmond owner of many of the most popular publications in the UK, examples being the gossip magazine OK!, the national papers Daily Star and Daily Express. Continue reading “Unblock Channel 5 with Smart DNS”

Unblock NFL Gamepass with Smart DNS

Popularity of NFL has seen continuous surges throughout the year, it can be quite the spectacle to behold with various shows and highly anticipated adverts being shown whilst games are on, I wouldn’t blame you if you thought the actual sport going on wasn’t really what everyone had come to see. NFL is still trying to penetrate foreign markets and is making progress but it faces stiff competition from the biggest sport in the world – football. Continue reading “Unblock NFL Gamepass with Smart DNS”

Dynamic DNS – validate your IP automatically

We’d like to serve you better and bring you the experience that makes you stay with us! We have added a great option for those who need to validate their IP automatically and we are being pleased to announce that from now on you can benefit from that additional option – Dynamic DNS.
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Unblock BBC Sport with Smart DNS!

BBC Sport is one of the biggest sports websites around; of course run by the BBC it is quite the British staple. BBC Sport has been around since 1988 and is responsible for some of the most popular sports programmes like Match of the Day and previously Grandstand.
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7 new websites unblocked!

Our team is always ready to bring you good news as it is now! We have worked and still keep working on making the service we offer even better and more satisfying. All our customers are valuable to us, this is why we are trying our best to make your wishes come true. We continued reading all your suggestions and concluded to open access to 7 more media websites for you!
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11 new websites and 1 application unblocked!

After a hardworking season we decided to bring the world another great news! Even if the summer is almost gone, we still work on preparing you more and more surprises relating to your favorite media streaming websites. No doubt, you will be gathering the “crop” once Fall starts, but as of right now the “harvest” brought to your disposal is another 11 media websites that we have recently unblocked for you – our precious customers!
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6 regionally restricted Polish websites unblocked

Good news for all Polish video on demand lovers! We have added Poland as a region of unblocked websites to our existing ones which are UK and USA. Video on demand websites from Poland are being restricted outside of the country. From now on, you can also access Polish content.
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4 new websites and 6 applications unblocked!

SmartyDNS is actually a team of very diligent people. Yes, we are! :) We work industriously to make our service fitting our customer’s needs and simply make it better and better. This time we unblocked another 4 media websites and 6 applications. According to all your suggestions received via emails and our live chat, we bring 4 more media websites and 6 applications at your disposal so you could enjoy and find Smart DNS service more useful for yourself.
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New server in Asia from SmartyDNS

We all love around-the-world traveling. And even if we can’t travel in time, with Smart DNS service we can still feel like we are in at least two places at the same time How is this possible? It’s simple – SmartyDNS is always trying to bring you as many unblocked regional media websites as possible, so that allows you to beam like a rocket from a region to region.
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Good reasons why to choose Smart DNS

Smart DNS is the best way to access US websites such as ABC. Smart DNS can be used on almost any device which means that you can unblock the website and stream that content that is restricted only to the United States. This same service can be used to unblock websites around the world.
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We updated our Smart DNS Software!

SmartyDNS is working hard to make the service better and keep it’s customers happy.

To help you finding our service more useful and to offer you a better user experience, we’re announcing a new update of the SmartyDNS Software. We’ve added two new features: “News notifications” and “Websites region” and fixed some bugs.
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SmartyDNS unblocks

Another good news from SmartyDNS! We have recently unblocked

From now on SmartyDNS allows you to watch live TV on your device by unblocking TVPlayer. This service is owned and operated by Simplestream which is a leading provider of live streaming services. It streams over 40 channels for UK broadcasters from its F.A.C.T certified Media Hub facility in London.
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SmartyDNS supports Now TV Box!

When everything is so nice and the summer seems to be bringing us brightly sunny days, why not bring you all another good news?

In addition to all supported devices, from now on SmartyDNS officially supports one more – Now TV Box which allows you to enjoy Now TV (Sports, Entertainment and Movies).

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Hide your traffic with Smart DNS

The Internet is a world apart full of wonder which we merged and adapted to directly. It offers thousands of services and a lot of opportunities.

Communicating online became a regular thing among us. Besides so many other things we do online like banking, shopping, studying, playing, we also have the possibility to watch local and international TV or listen to a local or international radio. Continue reading “Hide your traffic with Smart DNS”

More unblocked websites from SmartyDNS

We never stop considering your suggestions! Because we always look forward to taking care of your SmartyDNS experience, we never hesitate to work hard on making it better by asking about your preferences. This time our list of unblocked websites became even bigger and it happened with your help, as it is based on your requests.
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SmartyDNS Software v2.0 was launched

Our customers are always at the center of everything we do here – at SmartyDNS. If there is a team that works tirelessly to provide the high level of Smart DNS service to its customers, then it is us. As we don’t promise, but always surprise our valued friends, here is the new software we worked out for you! Being in a tide contact with you we had a chance to better know you and your Smart DNS service experience. There were different types of situations which made you ask questions about the service and find solutions for your problems. Now, with our new Smart DNS software for Windows these questions are gone.
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Bypass restrictions and hide your DNS traffic in Turkey

Hard to believe but apparently Turkey is not gonna be the country where you can freely browse and access social media websites anymore. Weather if it’s blocked or unobstructed, you are not going to be able to access it without being controlled and finally stopped.

After Turkey’s Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan shut down Twitter, Youtube and then moved to blocking Google DNS addresses, millions of Turkish citizens were definitely determined to look for further ways of bypassing these obstacles.
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The effectiveness of Smart DNS service

Just not too long ago we could only dream about the possibility to get our favorite local TV or radio on the go. Just put it in our languages when traveling or moving to a different country and have them with us wherever we go. Just not too long ago we were thinking about how tremendously useful would that be if there were a “mechanism” that could allow us to gain access to our favorite media from anywhere we are. Fortunately the Internet has got a lot to do with improving and achieving our “little dreams”. The Internet has transformed our communication in an easier and a more pleasant one. We can just be closer to each other through this “giant machine”.
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Unblock Spotify with Smart DNS

There are so many media websites that cannot be accessed worldwide and Spotify is one of them. Many of you may have heard about this big ad-supported music service that gives you the possibility to listen to almost any music on-demand. More and more people get to like it, as music streaming services seem to be a good alternative to hear music non-stop and on the go. Because is one of those geographically restricted media websites, in this article we’ll tell you how to unblock Spotify when you are abroad or just temporary traveling outside of US.
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SmartyDNS bypass Transparent DNS proxy

All those who cannot use SmartyDNS because their ISP’s use transparent DNS proxy, read here!

SmartyDNS brings good news for those whose PC/Mac or router “are forced” to use their ISP’s DNS service for all DNS lookups. Because Smart DNS service offered by SmartyDNS does not work for some customers whose ISP uses Transparent DNS proxy technology, we have decided to work on eliminating this inconvenience. Continue reading “SmartyDNS bypass Transparent DNS proxy”

Watch media websites without restrictions

Imagine yourself sitting in front of your computer 10 years ago. What do you see? You, your big machine and some texts accompanied by few weird images on your screen that barely can be called images. That is exactly what it meant to us just a few years ago. Today we depend on our “machines” because there is the world we live in. Our friends live in it, our work is in it, our bank accounts are in it, our memories are in it. It is a whole world.
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SmartyDNS unblocks Channel 4 group

SmartyDNS comes with a PUMPKIN SURPRISE. This time SmartyDNS added another great popular media website to its unblocked sites list – Channel 4! This one is an entire “Channel 4” channel group site. From now on, each recipient of SmartyDNS service will have limitless access to six channels: Channel 4, E4, More4, Film4, 4MUSIC and 4oD.
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Setting up Smart DNS – Router vs Device

Smart DNS comes with several options to use it. It can be directly set up on your device or on your router. If you set it up on individual device, your Smart DNS will work only on this specific device. When you are setting it up on your home router, this way you cover your entire Internet connection in your house. What is better among these two? Your choice depend on which way you want to use Smart DNS service, how often and who you wanna share it with. There surely is an answer that both are good choices but everyone in a particular case.
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Keep your domestic TV in your trips

Planning a trip is not easy. Clothes, cosmetics, shoes, accessories, devices, children and pets – all these have to be taken care of. “What to wear?”, “Is it going to be cold?”, “Am I gonna go there or there?”, etc. are the most common asked questions when preparing to any kind of trip. There should always be a concern that we might forget at least something and this thing leads to leaving important things at home. Okay, not the same case as it was in “Home alone” movie, no! Children need to be kept an eye on. We are talking about something different. Continue reading “Keep your domestic TV in your trips”

Unblock Sky Go and NHL Gamecenter with Smart DNS

Now you have access to Sky Go and NHL Gamecenter from all over the world!

On Demand programmes and 30 live TV channels like Sky1, Universal, MTV, National Geographic, History and more are now available for our customers.

The official National Hockey League web site includes features like live games, replays, schedules, live game radio broadcasts, news and more. NHL enables its users to watch live out-of-market games on all most popular devices.
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NowTV and Wuaki UK now available with SmartyDNS

SmartyDNS keeps showering you with new surprises! We continue working on making our pre-unblocked websites list bigger and bigger! This time we added 2 more websites to our list, so you can easily access them worldwide! Now you can enjoy NowTV and Wuaki with SmartyDNS!
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Why Smart DNS is good for expats?

When you move to a new place, you’re bound to face a lot of changes. When leaving to another country, whether you travel or move there for permanent residence you may take your devices, but you can not move your media abroad. You, literally, lose the access to your favorite media. It means that you wouldn’t be able to freely watch the TV channels you used with, listen to your favorite radio station or watch your most desired movies. In few words – your regional media “departs” from your daily life. Websites like Amazon Instant Video, HBO GO, ITV are restricted and you can only gain access to them if you unblock them.
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SmartyDNS brings NFL and Crunchyroll right there where you are

Summer has not yet ended and not even one month has passed since our launch, and here we knock on your door with a new surprise. In addition to the most popular websites such are Hulu, Netflix, Spotify that SmartyDNS made available to you, we now bring you access to Crunchyroll and NFL GamePass.
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Why is Smart DNS better than proxy?

Everybody knows that there are as many proxy servers as we want on the Web. This fact is a major plus, but we bet, when you get to learn about them, you’ll think twice before using proxy servers again for protecting your personal data. Being a service that unblocks restricted websites ensuring your data is private, Smart DNS does not offer anonymity but it has a plus that makes it more preferable than proxy. So, here we are with a question “in this chapter”: Why is Smart DNS better than proxy?
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Huge interest for Smart DNS service

Guess what?
We are pleasantly surprised! We are happy! We are exalted! There are already more than 1000 subscribers to SmartyDNS newsletter. And this is only the fourth day! It looks like a lot of people really need the service promised by us. You understand the importance of the product and decided to become a friend of SmartyDNS. And we thank you for that!

Therefore we decided to offer another 1000 free accounts to new subscribers.
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Smart DNS services from SmartyDNS

Updated on 13th of June 2013.
We have good news about unblocking restricted sites! SmartyDNS is announcing its launch.

SmartyDNS mainly aims to unblock restricted media websites and provide the access to the websites that don’t show their content outside of US or UK.
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