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Huge interest for Smart DNS service

Guess what?
We are pleasantly surprised! We are happy! We are exalted! There are already more than 1000 subscribers to SmartyDNS newsletter. And this is only the fourth day! It looks like a lot of people really need the service promised by us. You understand the importance of the product and decided to become a friend of SmartyDNS. And we thank you for that!

Therefore we decided to offer another 1000 free accounts to new subscribers.

So feel free to share about the SmartyDNS with your friends and family members! Share good thing with good people!

Soon every subscriber will have access to the content of US and UK websites blocked for users outside of these countries. It means that there will be no difficulty in accessing websites like Hulu or BBC etc..

We really value your interest, and that’s another reason we want to make sure that everyone who will use SmartyDNS services, will fall in love with it.

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