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GHCQ warns Europe travelers of cyber threats


The Government Communications Headquarters issued a warning earlier this week, alerting UK holidaymakers of cyber threats that could ruin their vacations in Europe. The main threat is represented by insecure Wi-Fi networks. Scheming hackers infiltrated a large number of Wi-Fi networks across Europe and even created completely fake ones, with the sole purpose of stealing all the information from unsuspecting users.

The GHCQ advised UK travelers to use two step verification for their email accounts and other services where their personal information is stored. By using two step verification, users will basically have to use both their passwords and another PIN sent on their mobile device in order to access their accounts.

This warning may come as a result of several reports of the Russian Fancy Bear hacker group being increasingly active in Europe. Since they also managed to hack the emails of the US Democratic Party during the election campaign of Hillary Clinton, they are definitely a force to be taken into account by security agencies across Europe.

Fancy Bear members targeted mid-upmarket hotels in Europe and the Middle East and hacked into their Wi-Fi networks, stealing internet users’ personal information and banking details. The problem appears to be even more serious, as the hackers have been reported to even use the NSA leaked hacking tool Eternal Blue in their endeavors, putting travelers to even higher levels of risk.

Since identity fraud is at record levels, with over 500 new cases reported every day in the UK alone and costing the government approximately £5.4billion per year, it’s important for all internet users to be aware of the threats and of ways of protecting their online identity.

On top of being extra careful when choosing to connect to a Wi-Fi network and using two factor identification with every service that offers this option, VPN service can also be a solution. Since data will travel through a tunnel of top level encryption between the users’ devices and the websites or online services they use, hackers will pose a smaller threat.

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