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American Senate gives ISPs the right to sell users’ data without consent


Trump’s slogan “Make America great again” became, among others, make America a great privacy invader. We say this because of some recent news that concerned us deeply. Senate Republicans voted a law against online privacy that gives Internet Service Providers the right to sell their clients browsing activity without their consent. Yes, you read it right.

Republicans voted a law against online privacy

The US Senate voted, through Republicans, against a list of online privacy rules from the Obama’s administration period. One of those rules explicitly asked ISPs to get a writing consent from their clients in case they wanted to share or sell their web-browsing activity or any other private data. And without this ruling there’s nothing to defend users from their ISP privacy invasion. That’s right, there’s only need for the resolution to pass the House of Representatives before Trump gives his signature, and it’s all a done deal.

Users can’t hide from their ISPs

As Senator Ed Markey said:

“President Trump may be outraged by fake violations of his own privacy, but every American should be alarmed by the real violation of privacy that will result from the Republican roll-back of broadband privacy protections.”

Senator Ed Markey

Sharing the same indignation and outrage, Senator Richard Blumenthal said that:

“This resolution is a direct attack on consumer rights, on privacy, on rules that afford basic protection against intrusive and illegal interference with consumers’ use of social media sites and websites that often they talk for granted.”

Senator Richard Blumenthal

Another firm opinion against the law came from the Senator Bill Nelson who put the matter in intransigent terms that speak clearly about how serious things are:

“Your home broadband provider can know when you wake up each day – either by knowing the time each morning that you log onto the Internet to check the weather/news of the morning, or through a connected device in your home… the provider may know immediately if you are not feeling well – assuming you decide to peruse the Internet like most of us to get a quick check on your symptoms. In fact, your broadband provider may know more about your health – and your reaction to illness – than you are willing to share with your doctor.”

Senator Bill Nelson

ISP’s want a piece of the pie

Going into the past it’s obvious that this law against online privacy idea started with ISP’s desire to have the same rights like Google and Facebook. These platforms that are controlled by the FTC and not by the FCC like ISPs, are not obligated to ask for permission before they gain commercial benefits for their users’ activity. Of course ISP’s wanted the same rights and privileges so they strongly lobbied for them. The CTIA group even argued that web-browsing and app-usage history were not sensitive information.

A VPN will protect your right to privacy

We are deeply sorry that American citizens find themselves in this messy situation, but we are also glad that we are part of the solution as quality VPN service providers. For those who don’t know that a VPN hides your IP and keeps your browsing history stealth from any prying eyes, either is your ISP, Facebook, Google or a random hacker. More than that all data traveling between your device and the VPN server is encrypted so no one except you can access it. On other words it keeps your online activity private and safe as it should be.

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