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SmartyDNS brings NFL and Crunchyroll right there where you are

Crunchyroll and NFL

Summer has not yet ended and not even one month has passed since our launch, and here we knock on your door with a new surprise. In addition to the most popular websites such are Hulu, Netflix, Spotify that SmartyDNS made available to you, we now bring you access to Crunchyroll and NFL GamePass.

We’re very pleased to announce that these two streaming channels are already added to our list of unblocked sites. You know very well how much we’re appreciate you and that’s the very reason we have set several goals. The most important is not to sit with folded hands, but move forward and meet all SmartyDNS customers’ needs. By saying that we mean You, our precious and valued folks!

Now with SmartyDNS you get access to another two popular websites. If you are an american football fan or an anime, manga, drama, music, electronic entertainment, auto racing – in few words – an East Asian media fun, then NFL and Crunchyroll are the websites and the international online communities that can take you in their world and make you watch the most entertaining video on demand!

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