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New server in Asia from SmartyDNS

Bypass transparent DNS proxy

We all love around-the-world traveling. And even if we can’t travel in time, with Smart DNS service we can still feel like we are in at least two places at the same time How is this possible? It’s simple – SmartyDNS is always trying to bring you as many unblocked regional media websites as possible, so that allows you to beam like a rocket from a region to region.

We expanded our geographical platform! Now we provide one more server which allows users from Asia and Oceania to have a much better performance. SmartyDNS has added a new server in Asia. Users from Australia, New Zealand, China, South Korea, Japan as well as other users from Asia and Oceania will have a better speed. If you are located in Asia or Oceania, you have the possibility to choose even a closer server.

Just choose “Asia” in our software or add the DNS address manually from your Client area.

Keep in mind: the closer you are to the server the faster it is the service.

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