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SmartyDNS bypass Transparent DNS proxy

Bypass transparent DNS proxy

All those who cannot use SmartyDNS because their ISP’s use transparent DNS proxy, read here!

SmartyDNS brings good news for those whose PC/Mac or router “are forced” to use their ISP’s DNS service for all DNS lookups. Because Smart DNS service offered by SmartyDNS does not work for some customers whose ISP uses Transparent DNS proxy technology, we have decided to work on eliminating this inconvenience. After several researches and attempts SmartyDNS has got this problem away from its clients. The users can now bypass transparent DNS proxy.

Being connected to a DD-WRT router or to any other router with Linux OS and using custom firewall rules and SmartyDNS servers which run on different TCP/UDP ports, you can avoid your ISP’s Transparent DNS proxy.

It’s pretty easy, just follow our 5 step tutorial.

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