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10 new media websites and apps unblocked!

New media websites unblocked

Hey, SmartyDNS family members! We’ve been working on your requests and that makes us happy, meaning that the service works just fine with you all. We are back with great news for all of you. We keep adding regionally restricted media websites to our list of unblocked media websites, so it becomes bigger and bigger each month. Browse the list and find your favorite media website in order to watch shows and many more that you have missed or are still missing. Check the list of newly added websites below.


  1. Freeform
  2. Fubo
  3. Sundance
  4. beIn Sports Connect
  5. Starz
  6. Travel Channel
  7. Encore play app


  1. London Live


  1. Teleboy


  1. Video Star

Keep letting us know how you see our service fitting your needs.

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