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How to Block Google DNS addresses on D-Link, TP-Link and DD-WRT router

Roku may force to use Google DNS addresses instead of DNS addresses configured on router. The problem may be solved by routing the Google DNS addresses to the null route. Check the step by step tutorial for your router below:

Keep in mind: this is not possible to do on every router, as some routers don’t allow to change their settings. Also some ISPs have preconfigured settings which are not allowed to be changed.

This solution will not work on these routers:

  • Sky Router SR101
  • Sagemcom F@AST 2304N & 2864N
  • Telstra Bell 2wire 2701HG
  • VirginMedia SuperHub
  • Actiontec V2000H
  • Any router provided by Telsus.
  • DPC3825 (Shaw/Rogers)
  • D-Link Dir–655 A3 Firmware 1.21
  • D-Link DIR-868
  • D-Link DIR-850
  • D-Link DIR-615
  • Apple AirPort Extreme & Express

We’ll keep updating this list.

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