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SmartyDNS App for macOS has been updated

SmartyDNS macOS app

We are very happy to announce the release of a series of updates on our SmartyDNS App designed for the macOS users.

Simplified VPN connection

By using our macOS app, customers can now connect easily to the VPN service instead of wasting important minutes on manual configuration. Once the sign in screen pops up, you can choose either the VPN or Smart DNS service. Our previous version included solely the possibility of using the Smart DNS service. Furthermore, switching between the VPN servers or VPN protocols (L2TP or OpenVPN) has gotten a lot easier. Additional settings such as getting the app to start automatically as you turn on the computer, connect automatically on sign in, reconnection in case the VPN connection has failed are also available.

DNS leak protection added

Are you constantly preoccupied to protect your IP address immunity in front of all those major security flaw leaks of VPNs? Our SmartyDNS App for macOS is now offering you the choice to activate the DNS leak protection. This way you can rest assure that your IP address will remain well-hidden.

Apps. Killer included

With the help of this feature, the app will automatically close all the apps you want, in case the VPN connection is not longer sustainable. Apps. Killer makes a tremendous difference when you’re connecting to the VPN for downloading torrents. You can set to close the torrent download app when VPN connection fails, which minimizes risks of being discovered by your ISP.

Overall redesign for improved usage

The app has been completely redesigned for an enhanced positive experience of our customers. We have also fixed some bugs, bringing significant improvements to the source code as well. This makes the SmartyDNS macOS app faster, more stable and compatible with the latest versions of macOS.

Through the VPN and Smart DNS services, our goal at SmartyDNS is to help everyone enjoy what the internet has to offer, in a safe environment of online privacy, security and freedom.

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