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Easy ways to use VPN to get cheaper flights

Use VPN to get cheaper flights

Although travelling by plane is by far the most convenient – and fastest – method, finding plane tickets that do not put a dent in your wallet can be challenging. Most often, the best thing you can do is check all travel websites at your disposal and even then, the prices just keep changing upwards. The reason for this is simple. Travel websites pin down your location and use it to serve you prices based on the demand rates in your location. The easiest way to get rid of this inconvenience is to use a VPN to get cheaper flights.

Reasons Why Plane Ticket Prices Keep Changing

Browsing different travel websites can be a harrowing experience. As you search, prices change becoming higher and higher, creating a feeling that you should book as soon as possible, otherwise the prices will rise too much. Unfortunately, these websites track your online activity. The more you look for plane tickets, the higher the rates become.

Usually, travel companies keep track of your online activity in two ways: either by using cookies, or by tracking your IP address.

In the case of cookies, websites store cookies on your device to be able to give you personalized offers. The moment you visit the same airline website more than once, they will start boosting the prices with every search

On the other hand, whenever you visit a website, your IP address gets revealed. This address offers a wide array of information about you, including your location. Based on it, travel websites change airplane ticket prices. This is why, you need to use a VPN to get cheaper flights.

Save Money on Flights With VPN

There are several tricks you can employ to find good plane ticket rates. However, the best way to get cheaper flights is by using a VPN.

Save Money on Flights With VPN

Browse Plane Tickets From a Low-income Country

With a VPN you can change your IP address and make it seem as if you are browsing from a low-income country. For example, if you change your location to India, you will get plane fares that are cheaper than the ones you would be offered if you were browsing from the United States. If you are flying on a budget, even a couple dozens of dollars can make a big difference.

Use VPN to get cheaper flights b changing your IP to the airline’s country

Another way to get cheaper flights by changing location is to set your IP address to the airline’s own country. For example, if you are using Turkish Airlines, try setting your location to Turkey. You will be able to notice a price difference between the fares you were first offered and the ones that you received while pretending to browse from Turkey.

Tips and Tricks to Save Money When Buying Travel Tickets Without a VPN

Even if you do not yet have a VPN, there are several ways in which you can get cheaper airplane tickets.

Tip 1: Get Rid of Cookies

First of all, get rid of all your cookies. Before checking the prices on a travel website for the second time, you can either clear your cookie cache, use a different browser or use incognito mode since it does not store cookies. Although these methods get rid of the cookie problem, your IP address is still visible.

Tip 2: Use Google Flights

Second, try browsing dates using Google Flights. Google keeps in mind that some travelers are more budget conscious than others and allows them to find the cheapest flight by showing the list of prices per day. If your travel dates are flexible, this is definitely the tool for you.

Also, try mixing and matching flights. If you are not bothered by stopovers, choose these kinds of flights as they are usually cheaper.

Save Money When Buying Travel Tickets

Is it Legal to Use a VPN While Browsing for Plane Tickets?

Perhaps the most important question you might be asking yourselves is whether it is legal to use a VPN while browsing for plane tickets. The answer is yes, it is perfectly legal. Travel sites and airlines have no problem with this service and what’s more, a VPN can offer several added benefits while you are traveling such as the ability to access geo-restricted websites and safe connectivity.

SmartyDNS – The Best VPN for Your Travelling Needs

As mentioned above a VPN can provide added benefits prior and during your travels. With servers located in the USA, UK, Netherlands, Germany, Canada, France, Italy, Poland, Australia and Singapore, SmartyDNS allows you to access cheaper plane tickets and find the best fares according to your budget needs.

What’s more, our service offers the best data encryption you can find on the market, making sure your connection is secure at all times. In addition, you will have access to over 270 unblocked websites during your travels, making sure that no matter where you might find yourselves, you will enjoy the same access to media you did back home and even more.

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