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What are the benefits of VPN?

Benefits of VPN

VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network” and it is, simply put, a much safer way to surf away. It all started in August 1996, when a Microsoft employee decided that the internet was getting out of hand. Because the internet was growing too much, too quickly, privacy and security were taking a hit with every bit of information shared. Thus our Microsoft man came up with a brilliant plan: to shrink up the connection so that it fits through a peer-to-peer tunnelling protocol, or PPTP for short. What that means basically, is that instead of swimming into an ocean of data with no protection, exposed to hackers and with no certainty of online privacy, one was able, from that point onward, to have access to the same amount of data, but with the benefits of accessing it through a safe tunnel of encryption.

This may have already given you an idea of the benefits of VPN, but stay sharp, there’s even more to come!

What are the benefits of VPN?

In the beginning, the internet was a free space for everyone to express themselves in whichever way they saw fit. This was because it hadn’t really been regulated yet because those in charge weren’t sure exactly what the internet was, in which jurisdiction it fell and how to control it and regulate it.

Now things are starting to change and we can clearly see an increasing instability on the internet and people are getting worried that the once free space is becoming a place in which what they say or do can be used against them even in a legal manner.

This is where the VPN comes in and you can clearly see why you should use the VPN benefits in the current status of the internet. In time, VPN benefits expanded and the array of services and the advantages of VPN are far greater now and it spreads out to cover all your needs.

If you have heard a little about it and are still not sure and keep asking yourself “why should I use a VPN” then read ahead to find out all the important VPN benefits.

At first, it was used by companies that wanted their data to be safely accessed by the employees even when they weren’t in the same place and had traveled to a remote location. It was a sort of intranet if you will. The main benefits of VPN for business are that it assured that there would be no leaking of important and confidential data that could endanger the company in any way.

The advantages of VPN have since expanded and now it doesn’t just help companies, but also individuals.

Why should I use a VPN?

The reasons why are as clear as daylight. It offers a wide variety of advantages, ranging from giving you the possibility to access content that is normally restricted, to protecting your online identity. It has a huge number of applications and it offers many opportunities you missed out on before.

Online privacy: When you are using the internet without taking advantage of VPN benefits, you will never be sure that the websites you surf offer the encryption and privacy that you need to be fully protected. This means that third parties might gain access to all your personal information. But one of the main advantages of VPN is that you are fully secured and no one but you is able to access your information and data.

The VPN creates a safe environment for you online, by offering you an encrypted tunnel through which your data travels between you and the websites you visit.

Online security: Everyone knows that connecting to the Wi-Fi of a coffee shop or any other untrusted network that isn’t yours or that of a family member or friend isn’t a good option. This can put you at risk. If you want to make sure that no one can steal your information or fill your device with viruses is another response to “why should I use a VPN”.

Access to geo-restricted content: The VPN benefits come to help you even when you wish to see a major sporting event, like the Olympics for example, and you greatly appreciate watching it live as it is happening without having to deal with the bad local networks. By by-passing your geographical location, VPN benefits make it so that you have the opportunity to see anything from anywhere with no delays and no restrictions.

You may use it to stream content that without it wouldn’t be available in your area, which means that now you no longer have to worry about censorship or geo-restrictions. Since you can connect to a huge number of servers all throughout the world, you can access for example streaming services that are not normally available in your country.

Torrent Downloads: In recent years, a lot of young people have given up on watching TV and many of them don’t even own one anymore. This means that if they wish to watch a certain show or a movie the only place they can do so is the internet. While some pay for the right to do so, there are other that desire to download what they want to see, legally or illegally. VPN benefits come in handy here as well.

In many countries using a torrenting app that lets you download movies, series or other data is illegal and people do not want to be charged for wanting to see things that are available online. One of the advantages of VPN Is that you will be safe if you use a torrenting app. When you use it it’s as if you weren’t in the same country anymore, thus you are not breaking any laws.

Because you are able to connect to servers throughout the world, you can use a VPN to connect to a server located in a country where the legislation is more liberal towards peer to peer downloads. This, of course doesn’t make it completely acceptable, but it is a much safer way for you to download what you need.

Bypass censorship: It is well known that many countries such as Russia, China or Turkey restrict their citizens’ access to a huge number of websites and online applications. One of the benefits of VPNs is that they can help you bypass these restrictions.

Surf the Internet anonymously: You also have the chance to use it for something that people have wanted to use the internet from the inception of the internet: anonymity. And anonymity Is one of the great advantages of VPN that you can get and you never have to worry about your internet persona. Because all your traffic data is encrypted, it cannot be monitored by your ISP or government agencies.

Bypass bandwidth throttling: What is more, another major plus on why use a VPN is that you don’t have to worry about data throttling, because it will be bypassed and you can benefit from a better chance to use the best available internet speed through your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Are there any VPN disadvantages I should worry about?

Even though it is true that there several VPN benefits and disadvantages, there is really nothing to worry about. As long as you are careful when choosing your VPN provider, there should be no issues. There’s a couple of things to look out for. First of all, if you are mainly interested in privacy, you should make sure to select a VPN that doesn’t keep any logs of your activity. Also, you should keep in mind that some VPNs offer speed over safety, others safety over speed, some even leave out both speed and safety for the sake of stability. Just make sure to pick what suits your needs.

VPN ultimately is a great tool. Surf safely and make your choices wisely!

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