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How to unblock German websites with Smart DNS

Unblock German websites

Internet… what a magical place! The place where you can find anything you can imagine. A place to connect to all your loved ones and strangers as well, to gain access to worldwide information and entertainment and truly enjoy yourself. Or so it could be. If it weren’t for two of the most annoying things ever: slow internet and geo-restrictions. A great way of enjoying more of the amazing internet is using a Smart DNS. You can unblock German websites with Smart DNS and that is a great thing.

There is a huge variety of streaming services that are geo-restricted for German users and even if you have a paid subscription, their content will become unavailable to you from outside the country.

Let’s bypass geo-restrictions together and unlock geo-restricted content from Germany without doing anything complicated.

Germany is not only one of the world’s biggest economies, it’s not just a cradle of culture and history, it’s also a country that has tons of entertaining, interesting and amazing content. But even Germans that are currently abroad can’t access all this content. And neither can other people if they can’t unblock websites from Germany.

The solution to getting to unblock websites from Germany is very easy: just use SmartyDNS. SmartyDNS can let you use hundreds of streaming platforms from the whole world and even unblock German websites. Let’s see how you’ll do it in just two steps!

How to unblock German websites with SmartyDNS

  1. Create a SmartyDNS account.
  2. Set up Smart DNS automatically using our apps for Windows, macOS, Android, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV or follow our tutorials to set up on other devices.

On what devices can I unblock websites from Germany?

In the 21st century people like to have a plentitude of devices on which to enjoy their favorite content. This means that it might not be enough to be able to unblock German streaming service websites or any other kind on just a single device.
Most people own a laptop and a smartphone, but some also have a smart TV, a tablet or a PC and they should be able to see whatever they desire no matter what operating system that device uses. This means they’ll need to unblock websites on every device they own in order to take advantage of all the German content available online.

For everything, all you need is SmartyDNS. It can help you watch series on your smart TV, check live videos of sports on your smartphone and stream a movie and watch it with your partner on a laptop screen.

Unblock websites from Germany on all the devices that use the following OS:

  • Windows
  • macOS
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Apple TV
  • Samsung Smart TV
  • XBOX

What type of content can be unblocked using SmartyDNS?

Is it possible to unblock German streaming service platforms? To unblock websites from Germany that stream TV series and the newest movies? To unlock geo-restricted content from Germany that shows sports, news and live videos? Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes to everything.

You have the possibility to unblock German websites with any kind of content ever made. If you’re interested, here’s a full list of the German websites that can be unblocked with Smart DNS.

And that is not all, if you’re looking for even more streaming services from all over the world, you’re in luck, because with SmartyDNS, at the moment, you can get access to over 240 websites. The collection is still growing and new websites are added constantly.

Watching your favorite series entirely from the beginning to the end in a single day is really important and so is streaming online videos of all the sports that interest you. If a mom wants to see cooking shows she can, if a child wants to watch cartoons he may, if a father wants to watch the game that’s doable and so is a teenager listening to music.

You’ll never be left out of a conversation because you missed something and you’ll never get horrible spoilers that ruin everything.

Get content that there’s no way you’ll be able to see if you don’t unblock German websites with SmartyDNS! Live your life the way you want and enjoy quality entertainment. Register an account on SmartyDNS and instantly see our impressive collection of unblocked German websites!

Unblock German Websites Now
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