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  • Perfect Service, Excellent Support. I spent a week trying to configure my router with VPN and when i finally sucsseded it turned out to be very slow for video streaming. smartyDNS is very easy to setup for anyone and on any device and the no speed loss.
    — mohamed s
  • Having used a VPN connection for about 3 years I decided to give the Smart DNS service a try from my current provider. Unfortunately, their Smart DNS service was problematic and I almost gave up on the idea until I found the Smarty DNS website. I took advantage of the 14 day trial and the service works perfectly with an automatic update of the i.p via a free program. The Technical support line is also efficient and I've now signed up. Highly recommended.
    — steve r
  • Set up was very easy on my D-Link router. Works great and we have not noticed any streaming issues using this service. I would recommend.
    — Suzanna B
  • I have a VPN service and it is a headache, always slow, and not easy to set up on a DDWRT router. I tried another smart DNS service and the free trial did not work reliably, what a drag. SmartyDNS works perfectly. I need that programming to survive in this remote backwater, now I'll be able to make it through the winter...
    — dean h
  • Great service work well for netflix
    — james b
  • Currently I am living in Australia. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon VOD is not available. Moving to another country doesn't have to mean you have to leave all your shows behind. Sure I can watch them after about 3-6 months later locally or if I got the smarty DNS I don't have to miss any of the shows. This is great. This service allows me to stay current with my shows. Thanks
    — Pri K
  • great service. i never expected to see hulu again outside of US. happy to fully utilize my appleTV and iPhone!
    — bum l
  • Hi I've been totally satisfied with the service provided. I have been able to get content easily with a few DNS changes. Its never been easier. Last time i had a VPN service which was a pain to configure and not reliable. SmartyDNS has been not only easy but super fast.
    — Ralph M
  • I heard about this smart dns service from my friend.? He told me tha he used dns service from last couple of months.. that why I registered. My account with dns server today.. hopeni will enjoy this service bczz I want to use netflix
    — deep g
  • Awesome speed, highly recommended.
    — Anonymous

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