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Why use VPN? How VPN can help you?

Why use VPN

Why use a VPN? To answer this question we first need to find out more about this service. A VPN is a network technology that creates a secure connection over the Internet. It’s safe because when you are using it you connect to a server run by a VPN provider. This way all data traveling between your device and the VPN server is encrypted so that only you can see it. Why should you use such a service? The answer is simple: It keeps your online activity private and safe.

But let us further elaborate into some of the most important reasons why we recommend to use a VPN service and how can it help your purposes.

Protects your privacy

What you do on your computer while you are online is your business and nobody else’s. If you agree with this affirmation then you surely want to protect your privacy. And that is exactly why use a VPN.

Private browsing

So why use VPN when it comes to protect your privacy? Because it hides your IP and keeps your browsing history stealth from any prying eyes. Not even the most ambitious and gifted hackers can go through the VPN encryption. But the privacy goes beyond the stereotypical bad guys dressed in hoodies and wearing fingerless gloves who are out there hunting your digital private information. The “no eyedropping rule” goes for your internet provider also. Not even your ISP can see your online activity because your traffic goes through a VPN server that encrypts any data that comes or goes from your device. Simple and efficient as that.

Private VOIP

Internet phone calls (Voice- over- IP) became very popular and easy to use for all of us, but in the same time hacking them is very simple. Basically, any low-level hacker can eavesdrop at your private conversations. So, if you want your VOIP calls to be totally safe, VPN is the way to go. Why use a VPN? Thanks to the automatic encryption voice chats are impossible to be messed with. Either you’re using Skype, Lync or any other voice chat.

Private file sharing

Why do people use VPN when it comes to P2P files? Truth being told, we all like to enjoy a good movie, or get groovy with some nice music, but we don’t always have the money or, as it happens, we live in a restricted region that doesn’t allow access. Well, thank God for torrents. It’s our free ticket to get what we need, when we need it. But easy and free doesn’t mean legal also so, is the risk of punishment worth it? With a VPN service on your side you don’t have to worry about this question, because you get out of the danger zone. When you use a VPN, anyone who tries to follow the file you download or share will only get to IP of the VPN server and not your actual IP address which is hidden.

Security at it’s best

Maybe you’re a businessman that works via Internet with important financial data that definitely needs safe passage. Or maybe you’re just a regular person who want’s to be sure that your online activity, either it’s personal stuff or work related information doesn’t get into the wrong hands. Either way, your need for security is the answer to why use VPN. All the data you send and receive is protected and encrypted by a VPN server, while you use this service.

Secure Wi-FI

But why should I use a VPN when I travel or when I connect remotely from random places? It’s not like hackers are following me wherever i go. Or do they? Well, we know, when you are in a coffee shop or when you are travelling, a free Wi-Fi connection is very tempting and often imperative for lack of other choices. But, be aware that a lot of risks are involved.

When you connect your device to an unsecure network, such as a free Wi-Fi, you become vulnerable to cyber-attacks. And, for a hacker, breaking into your device, it’s not even a complicated task. Your passwords, the data you send or receive, your browsing history, your emails and chats, they all are at risk to be seen and stolen. Unless you are connected to a VPN server. In this case, whatever network you access, any information that comes and goes from your device is encrypted and nobody else but you can see it. This is one of the best things to do with a VPN. Take our word for it. Encryption is the name of the game if you are connected to a free Wi-Fi.

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Increase your online security and privacy.
Online privacy, security and freedom

Say no to censorship

We truly believe that a free access to the Internet is a right worth fighting for. Unfortunately there are places where censorship is very active. Egypt, Afghanistan, China, Cuba, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Belarus are some of the countries that surveil and limit access to Internet. It’s clearly that for many people access to unrestricted Internet has become one of the few remaining places where they can take a breath of fresh air or even actively resist against oppressive regimes. A person who uses VPN in a hostile political environment makes sure that he can access the free Internet without being caught. The IP is hidden by connecting through the VPN server and the entire online activity is protected from any prying eyes by the VPN encryption.

Break the digital chains at work

But not only governments will deny you this basic right. On a less dramatic note, even Universities or private companies have restrictive Internet policies. They use this digital whip to keep you in line and work continuously and without any “distractions” like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter or even your personal email. In any of these cases VPN comes to the rescue. It will allow you to “tunnel out” of the restrictions and go online as you please. In the same time, VPN will hide your browsing so not even a very proactive IT department will know about it.

Follow the fun without restrictions

You enjoy programs from HBO Go, Hulu, or you like listening music from Pandora but you are in a geographical area where the copyright agreements won’t allow you to access them? Well, we have good news, the fun is coming your way. Use your VPN and your device’s IP will appear to be in the non-restricted area.

You can also unblock online games that are restricted for your area and reduce lag while playing no matter how far is the game server you’re connecting.

Actually VPN allows you to access any content you like, all around the globe. It’s like a universal free pass.

Don’t get slow down by your Internet Provider

Throttling means that your Internet Service Provider deliberately slows down Internet on specific websites or services. The most targeted ones are video streaming sites like Hulu, BBC and Youtube, online gaming sites and file-sharing services. The main reason they do that is that some content providers are competing with their own streaming content library. But whatever the reason might be for this nasty behavior, VPN can make your ISP stop it. Because of the encryption, your ISP can’t see when you are surfing the sites from their throttling list. If they can’t see it, they can’t slow them down.

Testing SEO and Marketing strategies

There are a great deal of reasons to use VPN if you are interested in testing SEO and marketing strategies. With servers all around the world you can connect in almost any region to test your product for different markets. For example, you can explore and analyze search engine trends or search specific results for United States while living in France. The point is that it doesn’t matter where you are in order to make a conclusive marketing and SEO study for a targeted region. This way you can better understand your potential customers without spending money on local marketing companies.

Fair prices for flights and hotels

If you want more reasons for why do people use a VPN, getting a fair price on planes and hotels in one of them. It’s true, some flights and hotels are more or less expensive, depending on where you are on the globe when you’re making your reservation. A VPN allows you to avoid this geographic discrimination. All one has to do is connecting to different servers and changing IP location to scroll around different prices until finds the best one.

Who uses VPN?

Freedom seekers, privacy believers, businessmen, students, employees, basically all of us could find reasons to use a VPN. You don’t have to work with top classified data to feel the need to protect yourself. Feeling safe while you are online whatever you’re doing it’s pretty comforting. With a monthly fee of only a few dollars you get a complete protection against hackers and your online activity remains, in any circumstances, as it supposed to be: fully private.

Get a VPN Service now!
Increase your online security and privacy.
Online privacy, security and freedom