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Does your ISP limit your internet speed through bandwidth throttling?

Bandwidth Throttling

Data throttling has been used by ISPs from all across the world for years now to prevent congestion over their networks. Usually it’s the streaming bandwidth or the download speed that is most affected by data throttling and of course, as always, the end user is the one that suffers the inconveniences.

We live in amazing times though, and almost every problem has a solution. Read below how to avoid bandwidth throttling. But first, let’s answer some more questions you may have.

What is bandwidth throttling?

Bandwidth throttling, also know as data throttling, internet throttling or bandwidth bottleneck basically represents an intentional slowing of the internet service by an ISP. This can happen regardless whether you are on a cable connection, Wi-Fi connection or an unlimited 4G data plan.

How can I tell if my ISP is throttling bandwidth?

Detecting if your ISP is using a bandwidth limiter is not an easy task. Finding out if you do have this problem is worth it though, because the sooner you realise you have a problem, the sooner you can start working to fix it.

First of all it is important that you understand how your ISP is limiting your internet speed. Some of them only limit your internet speed for streaming, others are more focused on making sure you don’t abuse their network by downloading high amounts of data.

There are different bandwidth throttling tests you can do in order to find out exactly what your ISP throttling is focusing on.

If you are worried that your download speed is slower than it should be when downloading torrents for example, you will be happy to find out there’s a tool available designed especially to help you detect if you have this problem because your ISP is throttling data. It is called Neubot and it can monitor your internet speed over time when downloading torrents. It runs in the background and it will create an easy to read report from which you can take your own conclusions in regards to the quality of the services your ISP is providing and whether or not it uses bandwidth throttling.

Another common issue is the bandwidth throttling that is focusing on your internet speed for streaming. It’s no wonder that some streaming services dedicated a great deal or resources to help their users enjoy their services to the max. You can use Fast.com for checking streaming speed, or Google’s Video Quality. There are many other speed test services available out there, so make sure to choose the one you trust the most.

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Why is my ISP throttling data?

ISPs use bandwidth throttling mainly as a way of preventing congestion on their network during peak hours. That means that they deliberately slow down your internet connection during certain times of the day when more users are browsing the internet through their connection.

They usually focus on limiting the streaming bandwidth and services. There are some cases of ISPs who used this tactic even for a profit. There were reports of ISPs asking streaming services for extra fees in order to have the speed limitations removed for these services.

How can I avoid bandwidth throttling?

It all starts with choosing your ISP. Through thorough research, you can find tons of information about any internet service provider worldwide. If you have the possibility now, you need to make sure that the one you are starting a contract with does not use bandwidth throttling. This can turn out to be only a temporary solution, because even though your ISP doesn’t throttle data now, he can start sometimes in the future. It is a start though, and even if there are no guarantees, it’s the first step you need to take in order to make sure that the internet speed you are paying for is what you actually get.

Another thing you should do is to constantly test your internet speed during different times of the day using some of the tools presented above, or others you may find more suitable for your needs. This way you can find out sooner rather than later that you have an issue and you can start fixing it.

But the best way of avoiding internet throttling, and which has been proven the most effective during the past years, is using a VPN service.

Can I use a VPN to avoid throttling?

Not only that you can, you definitely should use a VPN to avoid throttling! A VPN will create an encrypted tunnel for your internet traffic to travel through, which makes you more or less invisible on the network. That means that if your ISP is deliberately limiting your internet speed for streaming for example, by using a VPN your traffic becomes unreadable. That means that the network administrators will never have any idea about what you are doing online, and as an effect, your speed will never be affected while streaming videos.

Since your traffic is protected by layers of encryption, the internet service providers will be unable to inspect data packets and it will therefore be impossible to throttle your bandwidth based on the service you’re using. This means that you will not have your internet speed limited while using streaming services or downloading torrents.

If you are unhappy with the internet speed you are currently getting and you established that your ISP uses bandwidth throttling, have a look at what we are offering. You will surely find a solution for your problems.

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